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My wife and I needed a new heat pump.  Mike came to meet with us and discuss options.  He was wonderful.  Within 3 days the technicians were here to install our new system and remove the old one.  It was an amazingly difficult task and done in extreme heat.  It took two days due to thunderstorms.  I wish to recognize the technicians who did the work.  The lead technician was Matt, with Corey working with him one day and Sean on day two.  They all worked extremely hard, but especially Matt.  I understand the vision of Davis Services is Pride as an acronym.  I wish to commend Matt and the others as an excellent example of the type of employee that you desire.  It was such a pleasure to have these gentlemen in our home for two days.  They were extremely thorough, neat and considerate, much beyond what we have come to expect from the world today.  What a refreshing change!             -T&C H., Duncan, SC           
I would like to express my appreciation for the remarkable services rendered by your company to me, when purchasing my Lennox heating and air unit on June 11, 2015.  Every one of your employees that I dealt with, was very  professional and courteous.  They answered any questions that I had and did not hesitate to help me in any way that I needed.  When Chris and Wes came to install the unit, they were prompt, courteous and knew what they were doing.  When they were finished, they cleaned up and left the area where they were working spotless.  They worked so hard and did an excellent job even when it was extremely hot!  I was really amazed by how much Chris and Wes worked tenaciously to satisfy me as a customer.  That is rare to find when dealing with companies today.  The two window units that you brought for me to use while my unit was being installed was "icing on the cake" and they kept my family nice and comfortable.  Your kindness will not be forgotten.  I have already recommended your company to more than few people.  Thanks again to Davis Services for your outstanding performance and for your employees making your business shine above all others.            -B. G., Greenville, SC           
Our work was completed in good time and in a professional manner. We are truly enjoying the Davis difference.
—P. A., Traveler's Rest, SC
I just wanted to tell thank you and your crew for the blessing of heat at my home. I prayed about how I could heat my house with my children and grandchildren with no extra money to pay down. Your television commercial was the answer to my prayers. I got my heat put in on the coldest day so far, 11/11/13. The work crew was very nice and polite and cleaned up everything. I had to leave halfway through and go to the emergency room because of my bad knee. But I returned to a warm home! I will refer you to everyone and I want to thank you again.
—F. R., Greenville, SC
We wanted to commend Davis Services for the excellent work that was done in installing the new duct system in our office. We didn't realize how much of a positive difference it would make, both in terms of comfort and efficiency. The technicians are always professional and provide helpful information and advice. Several of our staff use your company for their residential needs and have had similarly good experiences. We would highly recommend Davis Services to families and businesses for their heating and air conditioning needs.
—Correll Insurance Group
I had a central heat and air system installed in our old country house in 2001. A Simpsonville business installed the system with ductwork. However, I had continual problems with the ducts that were not attached properly to the floor registers and some kept falling off. Later, we started having problems with insulation appearing in the grilles in the floor. We've called out 2 or 3 different companies over the years to check the ductwork and they said the ducts were fine. Yet, we continued to see insulation which we felt was affecting our air quality. Finally, I decided to call Davis Services after hearing Jack Roper talk about them on WORD. Nick Davis came out and did a thorough investigation in our low crawl space, taking pictures of problem areas. We had Davis Services install new and larger ducts including two return ducts. The guys raised the gas furnace that was touching the ground on one end, then the serviceman spent a lot of time getting the flame to burn more efficiently and clean, even telling me I had a gas leak outside where the pipe comes into the meter. Very thorough crew and we are pleased with the work. I am looking forward to spending less money this winter on heat and ac cost next summer. I RECOMMEND DAVIS SERVICES!!
—C. W., Fountain Inn, SC
I was extremely impressed with Nick. He was the most informative, kind and caring person I have met in a long time. I am sold on Davis Services now.
—H. C., Simpsonville, SC
Want to commend Justin. Justin is a fine young man. He explained everything to me. I am very pleased with Justin and your company.
—M. W., Spartanburg, SC
Very impressed and appreciative of Justin. Refreshing to find such a hard working young man. He did a fantastic job servicing my system.
—M. G., Spartanburg, SC
Very happy with power bill since new duct system, vapor barrier and new unit. Power bill dropped from $140 to $150 a month to $70 to $75.
—E. H., Chesnee, SC
Wanted to let you know that your install techs Chris Manley and Ryan Douglas went well over and beyond customer service when they came to our house. They took great pride in their work. They were EXCELLENT!!!
—Tim and Doris McDowell Inman, SC
My husband and I would like to thank you for the great job your employees did for us. Your technicians, Chris, Jake, Jamel, Joel and Noel were all very professional and courteous. They replaced old ducts and insulated under the house and in the attic.

We would like to thank Chris who put in a new attic ladder. He and Jake also cleared out my attic before insulating it. They really went above and beyond their job duties. All work was done in a timely manner. The quality or work was as if they were doing it in their own home.

Brian was also helpful in explaining what we needed and why.
We really appreciate your great service.
—J. and J. D., Spartanburg, SC
We recently had a heating/air unit installed in our home. The two men who installed it took a horrible mess (under the house) and made it into something that we are proud to look at now. We also had our attic insulated. Dealing with people who come to our home to do work has been in the past something of a joke. I am extremely pleased at the job that Ryan and Chris did for us, they truly live up to the P.R.I.D.E. acronym.
P - Productivity
R - Responsibility
I - Integrity
D - Dedication
E - Enthusiasm
There was not a stray piece of paper, metal, screw, nothing left laying around. Always polite, answered questions, explained things. We also have 15 dogs that get let outside and there was no stress on them at all.
I would like to acknowledge these gentlemen again for the fantastically awesome job that was done. Thank you,
—R. J., Spartanburg, SC
"I know I can always count on this company when I need a service call."
—L. H., Blacksburg, SC
"Davis is the Best!! Will always use them.
—F. A., Spartanburg, SC
"Your service is the best of all!"
—J. P., Spartanburg, SC
"Davis Services is Awesome! Number 1! :-) We appreciate Davis Services, always pleasant and courteous!"
—M. W., Spartanburg, SC
"Technician was very thoughtful and complete."
—W. H., Spartanburg, SC
A Lennox XC-13 air conditioner was recently installed by your company at -------- Street in Gaffney. I just wanted to let you know that Brad, who came over to inspect the old compressor, and Mike, who came over to discuss and recommend putting in the new system, and then Donnie and Tim, who actually installed it, were all very professional and courteous. When Donnie and Tim left, the area was well cleaned up and looking good. It was a job well done. Thanks to all.
—D. Allen, Gaffney, SC
Just a note to let you know that I was very pleased with the installation of my new heating and air system last week. All the technicians that helped on the installation did a great job. They were very professional and answered all questions I had about the installation. Thanks for taking the time to explain to me the new thermostat operation. Also, the job site was left very clean, which I very much appreciate.
—G. D., Spartanburg, SC
I thought you could use the following note from Duke energy as a recommendation.

In the previous Equal Payment Plan billing year, your monthly EPP bill amount was $215.00. To better reflect your electricity usage this billing year, your monthly EPP amount amount for the new EPP billing year will be $174.00.
—H. R., Spartanburg, SC
I have just completed my first 6 months with my new Trane system. I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the efficiency and quietness of this system. Duke Energy may not be as happy because my power bill has been cut by $80 to $100 a month.

Your company and everyone I have dealt with have been some of the most professional I have ever worked with. During the installation, I did not encounter any inconvenience even though they had to cut a new duct inside my home. Their can-do attitude and settling for nothing but perfection made for a pleasant experience.

Thank you so much for putting this system together for me and for all your attention to every detail. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone I know who needs a new heating or air system.
—K. E., Greenville, SC
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great job your company has done for me. I would specially like to give recognition to one of your outstanding associates named Tim. He has done a wonderful job for us. He took the time to explain everything he was doing and even answered several questions regarding my heating system. To me, he seemed to go the extra mile to ensure that we were satisfied customers. In my opinion, Tim is an asset to your company and you are very lucky to have him as an associate. Thanks again for the great job!!
—D. C., Spartanburg, SC
Just completed Trane's survey and you got high marks for satisfaction. The young men that installed the XL15i were exceptional! I'm sorry that I didn't ask for their names. The installation was on Dec 04 and they stayed well into the night and I want to acknowledge them. They did a great job, being a retired maintenance engineer I can appreciate their performance. I'm extremely satisfied. Please let them know.
—J. M., Spartanburg, SC
I would like to take this time to thank Davis Heating and Air for the terrific job your company did in installing my new AC. Please recognize Larry and Tim, the two men who came out to my house for 3 days, and worked tirelessly, and continuously to get my unit installed. They were very professional and meticulous in their work, making sure everything was just right. They are a tribute to your company, and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I talk with. I also dealt with Jay and David, who also were very good. Again, thank you so much.
—B. T., Spartanburg, SC
Thank you for the good service Chris provided today. I was very impressed with how thorough he was and that he was so neat & polite. It really made my day to have such a fine young man in my home.
—S.D., Boiling Springs, SC
I realize this note is late, but I thought it important that I let you know about the good job your installers did in setting up our new furnace and air conditioning in December. I was only able to obtain first names, but Patrick and Donnie demonstrated attention to detail and old fashioned craftsmanship in the timely and efficient completion of the job. Your company has a good reputation, but even with that, I was pleasantly surprised at the manner in which your technicians did their work. They even left the basement remarkably clean. I was impressed from the start to finish. I also appreciate the manner in which your representative worked with me in financing this unexpected expense. Please express my appreciation to your staff.
—T. E., Spartanburg, SC
I want you to know how much difference we can tell with our ductwork renovations. Everyone was very helpful from DJ who told us in June that work needed to be done, to M. Stoffer for the solutions in what needed to be done AND Patrick and Donnie who did the work. They did a very good job.
—J.M., Boiling Springs, SC
On March 27th I had a Trane gas pack put in my house by Davis. The installation people, Tim and Jason, were just super nice and did an excellent job. They were not able to complete the job on Friday and it was extended until Monday, 3/31. Meanwhile on Saturday I noticed the pilot light on my gas fireplace in the living room was out. I remembered they had to turn the gas off to get the furnace out from under my house. Since it was to get in the 40's over the weekend, I had a couple of electric heaters I could use to at least keep the chill out of my house since I had no other way to heat it. On Saturday afternoon I had a knock at my front door and there stood Tim, one of the installers, stating he remembered they turned off the gas to my fireplace and he just came by to turn it back on so I could have heat and then he came in and lit my fireplace for me. I thought that was extra nice for him to do that for me. I really appreciated him coming by as it did get cold.
—C. B., Spartanburg, SC
It is my pleasure to write to you today and share with you how much I have enjoyed my experience with your company. From our initial meeting with Mike Stoffer at the home show in Greenville, to the actual installation and setup of our system last week I have been impressed with your people every step of the way.

My expectation for the quality of your work was high (for that is the reason we chose your company to do our work) but I admit I was unprepared to find such a high level of professionalism and courtesy in the young men who were charged with the actual responsibility of the job. No matter what challenge this old house threw at them Patrick and Jeremy handled it with grace and good humor. I never doubted that they took pride in their work and were determined to get the job done right, not just done. Technical expertise and good people skills are a valuable combination and you can be confident that these young men represent your company very well.
—L. B., Greenville, SC
I just wanted you to know how much my husband and I are enjoying the new Lennox heating and air unit purchased from your company. Mike Stoffer did a fine job in helping us select the right unit. He was patient and knowledgeable and understood the problems I expressed about our old system. He laid out several choices and helped with a plan that I feel will be, and already is, a great help for my asthma, as well as our overall comfort.

Jayson and Tim did a great job with the installation, very courteous and professional. And I appreciated Jay and his men bringing a window unit for temporary use. Although it wouldn't fit in my windows, they managed to start up our old unit which gave some relief until our new unit was installed. It was very refreshing to encounter this kind of good service in today's world.

I just wanted to commend you and your fine employees.
—B. B., Spartanburg, SC
Technician was excellent. His professionalism turned a dreaded visit from what are often untrustworthy people into a pleasant experience. I have finally found an HVAC service company that deserves repeat business. Thanks!
—S. R., Inman, SC
Thankful for on-call technicians!
—K. S. Landrum, SC
Great service and extremely knowledgeable about the system. Very nice guy!
—F. M., Spartanburg, SC
The technician was wonderful, polite, expert and did a great job in every way. Excellent service, fast, efficient. Thanks, everyone, so much!
—D. A., Boiling Springs, SC
We have only good to say about Davis. Everyone has been so nice and the service is top notch. Brenda, we love you! You are one of a kind, thank you.
—D. S., Lockhart, SC
DJ was very, very excellent. He know's how to treat a customer. Thanks, DJ.
—B. D., Inman, SC
The Davis' technicians are always helpful, courteous and thorough as is Brenda and all who I speak to on the phone. Thank you. Love all, —M. V., Spartanburg, SC
Based on the service provided, my husband and I are extremely pleased. Thank you so very much.
—K. T., Inman, SC
The technician was called on Sunday night and responded promptly and was very knowledgeable - an excellent employee.
—J. B., Spartanburg, SC
Robin was an excellent technician and a kind courteous human being. I was very happy this time with my service.
—M. M., Pacolet, SC
Ken did a excellent job cleaning our unit and preparing it for the winter. Davis is one of the very few people we can say lives up to their word.
—M. L., Fingerville, SC
Chris is very professional in every way with his work and is a perfect gentleman - a pleasure to have in my home. Thank you Davis Services for sending him to us.
—O. B., Spartanburg, SC
Ken is very courteous - very professional and prompt.
—W. H., Spartanburg, SC
I just want you to know that you have two very valuable employees in Tim and Jayson. Thank you for assigning them to install my new heat pump.

They were extremely considerate of my health (I had just been diagnosed with pneumonia), quietly and competently going about the business of installing my new heat pump and making the necessary changes to switch over from a gas heat/electric ac system to an all electric system. They kept me informed every step of the way, and when it became apparent that they would not be able to complete the job on 8/25/08, they made arrangements for the delivery of a window unit and installed it where it would do the most good. They also were able to accommodate my schedule and return on 8/27/08 to complete the job. Each time when they left they made sure to clean up after themselves. And when the job was done, they made sure I understood how to operate the system.

Again, thank you for sending Tim & Jayson. If I ever need services that they can do, I hope you will send them again.
—A. M., Moore, SC
I have been with Davis Services since 1994. We moved into our new home in 1993, and immediately had problems with the A/C. The company that installed the unit came our, and supposedly repaired it, but problems still existed. I called Davis out of the blue and the rest is history.

They are professional in their work both in the field and the office. They have never led me astray, so when I'm told I need to have something done, I believe it. That comes through years of dedicated service to their customers.

One instance that comes to mind is I was having trouble with the upstairs furnace tripping out. Davis inspected and advised the duct work was originally installed wrong, and the furnace could not "breathe". So they quoted a fix, and I had them fix it. Had a few problems, but once Davis was aware of this, they sent 4 technicians to the house, and they worked their tails off until they were satisfied that there would be no more problems, and there were none. I was very impressed with their concern to insure that things were correct, and I was satisfied.

At first, I was not under service contract, but I am now. Being under contract, when I call for service, I do not get moved above those that are under contract also, but I do get moved above those service calls where they are not under contract, and it helps. IE: I called for heating service, and was told the technician would be there in an hour. The door bell rang in 45 minutes. Outstanding!! That is when you are glad you are dealing with a reputable company that knows the true meaning of the words Customer Service. And under contract, you do save some money, as they discount to their customers. When it came time to purchase new equipment, I of course let Davis install it, as I knew it would be installed correctly, and they would also be able to better service something they sold as they knew the product.

If you want a company that will take care of you in your time of need, do everything in their power to satisfy you, then you need look no further than Davis Services.
—T. Robertson