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Spartanburg & Greenville SC Air Conditioning Repair Service | Duct Cleaning Advice
Duct cleaning is a hot topic in our industry and we understand that local newspaper ads and radio spots have raised many questions with some of you.  Davis Services, at present, does not offer duct cleaning because we realize that many duct systems in our area are undersized and severely limiting overall system performance.  Many times the much better choice is to have the ductwork replaced, which many times can be done just as economical as they can be cleaned, and increase the overall system performance.  However, we also realize that there are some cases in which duct cleaning is a very good option.  Please read the information provided about duct cleaning that can help you make a decision on whether duct cleaning is for you or not. Please click here for more information about duct cleaning and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.