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Davis Services Tune-up

What a "Cooling Tune Up and Professional Cleaning" includes and how you benefit.

Check CO Monitor
Check start and run capacitors Coolmaxx testing

Check evaporator

Flush/vacuum drain

Inspect ductwork

Check evaporator pan Inspect disconnect Check blower wheel
Note static pressures Monitor refrigerant level Inspect contactors
Clean or replace standard filters Adjust operating pressures Clean condenser coil
Tighten electrical connections Measure voltage Check thermostat calibration

Apply protective coating

Note dry and wet bulb temps

Full Disclosure Report

Evaluate safety controls Measure amperage
Check fan blades for tightness
Reduce Cooling Costs
- saving you money!
Protects Your Home and Occupants
- assures proper and safe equipment operation!
Improve Your Equipment Efficiency
- get the most from your investment!
 Effective System Efficiency
- discover the total effective efficiency of your system!
Add Years to Equipment Life
- decreased cost of ownership!
Manufacturers Warranty
- meets criteria to keep warranties intact.
Improved Dependability
- comfort available when you want it!
Peace of Mind
- know who to call when you need service.


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